You were born with talents and skills that other people would love to have. You were given these strengths for a reason, and it’s time to share them!

Most likely, you already have an idea of your strengths. Strengths are the qualities that come naturally to you. You may hear things like “you’re a natural” or “you’re so good at that!” or “I don’t know how you do it!” 

So what are your strengths and superpowers? What are the things that you can do like nobody else? Once you can identify these things, you can use them to build the business, the relationships, and the life that you’ve always dreamed of. 

If you’re still not sure how to pinpoint your strengths and superpowers, here are a few pointers.

Strengths vs. Superpowers

If someone were to ask you what your strengths are, you may say you’re detail-oriented or organized. You may say you are good with people or you’re a born leader. Your strengths are the things that you are good at, that come naturally to you, and that you’ve learned to leverage to help yourself and those around you. 

Your strengths are the skills or abilities that have been pivotal in defining who you are.

But your superpowers are different. Your superpowers are your strengths on overdrive. They are the things that you’re clearly passionate about, and when these skills or abilities are activated, it causes you to lose track of time! Superpower strengths set your heart on fire, and are the things you would do for free because you love doing it so much.

Superpowers are the things that have always set you apart from your peers. It’s that thing that comes so naturally to you that you forget it’s hard for other people! When you understand the difference between your strengths and your superpowers, it is easy to leverage both to help you succeed in business and life. 

Take time for self-reflection

Understanding your strengths and superpowers is a personal mission. It involves self-reflection and honest self-analysis, and in the process, you may have to weed through your weaknesses to find your strengths. One of the first things you should do when identifying your strengths is to make a list. Here are a few prompts to consider:

  • What are my hobbies?
  • When was the last time I got so involved in a project that I lost track of time?
  • When people need help with X, they usually come to me. 
  • What is a compliment I get the most often? 

While identifying your strengths requires being introspective and honest with yourself. It also means giving yourself permission to highlight and showcase the best parts of yourself without feeling self-conscious. 

Ask people you trust 

Once you’ve done some of the digging yourself, you may want to ask for some help. Ask the people you spend the most time with to name 2-3 of your strengths. You may notice the same ideas pop up repeatedly – these are your strengths. 

The people in your life who know you and love you can offer insight into your personality, where it may be hard for you to see. Take the feedback they give you and look for a pattern. What stories keep repeating themselves? What words or phrases do people use to describe you? This is key information about your strengths and superpowers. If you need some help, we’d love to talk through it with you. 

Put your strengths and superpowers into action

Assigning a start date holds you accountable to move from the planning stage to the movement phase. To do this effectively, you have to have a plan. Here are some ways to implement your strengths now:

  • If you discover your superpower is the ability to captivate an audience with your storytelling, then pick a date to host a mastermind series that teaches others about public speaking. Once you’ve set the date, you can work backward to take care of the details and make it happen.
  • If your strength is home organization, record short videos of how you keep your space organized and upload them onto your social media platform to help others.
  • If your strength is more technical, like web design or home construction, consider offering your services to your community. Who knows, this could be the first step in creating a business where people pay you to do what you love!

We Can Help You Identify Your Strengths 

You were given your strengths for a reason. The sooner you identify them, the sooner you can use them to build the life you’ve always wanted, and help others in the process! Click here to schedule a free strategy call with Mastermind experts, Dawn and Kristin today.