The Mindful Business Approach (MBA) Program syncs your mind, body and spirit with goals, mission and the vision of your business. The synergy that is created when all areas of your life are aligned for your individual highest self ripples out into the world, impacting others in ways beyond your imagination. Refine, revitalize, and recreate.  Space is Limited.


The founders of Destination Masterminds are mastermind experts themselves who developed an intentional mindful approach to allow you to navigate through a lot of details. The Mindful Business Approach is an incredible experience that will introduce you to investing your time and energy into yourself. It will walk you through how to be durable in your position, expand in the community and create a sustainable business model.

It’s time to level up. You have something special to share with the world, and we want to help you tell the story.

We hope you will join this intentional community of experts and reserve your MBA Program with us today. Spots are limited and filling quickly, so head to our connection page to start planning today.