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You have a dream you KNOW will impact so many, you just need a guide to show you how to get it done. 

Have you spent a ton of money, energy, and patience on different programs hoping to find the one that will supercharge your Mastermind events?

Or maybe the coaching you’ve received has left you feeling empty and not sure what to do next?

We get it. Being career dreamers and entrepreneurs ourselves, finding a program with a proven track record that gives you confidence and helps you launch your Mastermind is hard to find.

That’s why we decided to start our own 8-week program called Mastermind Action Partnership to show you exactly what needs to happen to launch your business to the next level.

And it’s more than just a great business plan; we cover emotional and spiritual components that may be hindering your success.

But we’ll be totally upfront with you. This is not a gimmick, and it’s not a get rich quick deal.


It will take hard work and dedication, but at the end of the program, it will produce the one thing you want…RESULTS.

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Meet the guides who will walk with you every step of the way!

You’ll partner with us (Kristin Ostly and Dawn Briggs), and together, we will help you shift paradigms and uncover your greatest potential.

We will show you how to move things forward in your business. And the best part? It’s all done virtually from the comfort of your home! With that kind of support and accountability, you will thrive and grow both personally and professionally.

Meet Kristin Ostly

Hi, I’m Kristin, and I love to dig and help uproot the attachments people have to their stories, beliefs, and behaviors.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the relief that comes over someone when they release the emotional burdens of these attachments.

The fun begins when people start to see that they have complete control over their thoughts, emotions, and actions. That is when true inspiration flows!

Dawn Briggs

Meet Dawn Briggs

Hello! I am Dawn, and I’m a connector by nature, so I love connecting people with other people or to helpful information. 

But one of my favorite ways to connect is helping others uncover their superpowers! It’s the BEST when someone has that lightbulb moment! 

When I see that happen, first, I celebrate with them, and then I activate them so they can go after their dreams!

How does the Mastermind Action Partnership work?

Simply put, we are Movement Coaches.

We create movement and action by helping you craft a program that impact others. But we also dive into the emotional, mental, and spiritual areas of your life, so you emerge fully integrated and ready to advance to the next phase of your life and business.

In 8 individualized steps, we help you get from where you ARE to where you want to GO.  

You can expect to experience paradigm shifts, transformation, expansion, growth, and breakthroughs!

Read what others are saying:

“Over the last 15 years I have worked with a few different coaches & now that I am working with Dawn Briggs & Kristin Ostly I can see that I wasn’t really getting results before working with them. I have experienced different shifts in my life that are hard to explain. Things that I have wanted to change in my personal & professional life, but wasn’t sure how that would happen. Now I feel so optimistic for my future because my life is really in a flow right now. Also Dawn & Kristin are very organized, consistent & have a great system that they have trained themselves in & then pass on to their clients & I have really benefited from this. I highly recommend these ladies no matter what your goals are, this work will help.” 

-Michele Milani, Holistic Health and Life Coach National Marketing Director, The Juice Plus Company

Paul Elia

“Dawn and Kristin’s joy and passion for what they do is infectious! They have provided me an environment for self discovery and personal development that is playful, creative, and powerful. Through attuned listening and meeting me right where I am, they generate a space where growth seems to just naturally emerge. “

-Paul Elia, Licensed Family Therapist

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The Mastermind Action Partnership Includes:

Week One: Why Oh Why –  Connect to WHY you want to do this business and clear roadblocks and resistance.

Week Two: Who is the New You? – Uncover limiting behaviors and beliefs that interfere with progress towards your goals.

Week Three: Connecting to the Super You – Find your top strengths and connect those with your WHY to begin creating a quality Mastermind you love!

Week Four: Who do you want at your Party? – Get laser-focused on who your tribe/ideal client will be.

Week Five: Master of 1- Detail how you can share your expertise to make a difference in others’ lives.

Week Six: The Ultimate Resources for Success – Designating the tools and strategies specific to your content.

Week Seven: Going Deep – Clarify ALL the details of your Mastermind.

Week Eight: Celebration Time – Review your game plan and find solutions to any roadblocks with the team.

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Here is what you’ll receive during the program:
  • Introductory call with Kristin and Dawn
  • Weekly group Zooms to collaborate and brainstorm with others in the partnership
  • Five personal coaching calls with Dawn and Kristin
  • Powerful and effective tools to propel you forward
  • Work with our marketing team to develop your style & voice
  • Exclusive access to our very own Destination Masterminds event space.
  • All the bells and whistles to make sure your Mastermind is a huge success!
So how do I know if this program is for me? It is if you:
  • Have goals, but you just aren’t doing them
  • Feel blocked from taking the next step
  • Have a big vision, but feel stuck and unable to find the spark to keep going
  • Desire practical guidance and individualized attention
  • Want a Mastermind that’s ready to implement so you can start making money
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