Advocating for Foster Youth

As A Foster Parent

A Mastermind Class

Are YOU overwhelmed but thirsty for answers and a desire to provide a full life for foster children?

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Educating Foster Parents

I am here to serve foster parents who wants to provide for and advocate for foster youth.

I advocate for foster youth by educating foster parents and helping them provide permanency and stability without fear of the unknown.

I have worked with foster youth and in the dependency system for nearly twenty years. During that time, I saw a disconnect between what foster parents were told and how things proceeded in real world situations. This not only hurt the foster parents but the children they provided for.

I want to build a community that will educate, represent, and be available to support foster youth by educating their foster parents.

“What makes a family is neither the absence of tragedy nor the ability to hide from misfortune, but the courage to overcome it and, from that broken past, write a new beginning.”

Steve Pemberton, A Chance in the World:  An Orphan Boy, a Mysterious Past, and How He Found a Place Called Home

Knowledge is Power

I want to provide you the Tools & Confidence to face the obstacles ahead.

By providing my Masterclass, I will share:

  • An overview of the law and dependency process.
  • When to attend Court hearings.
  • Adoption Communication with all parties and their counsel
  • Special Needs (educational, health, etc.)
  • Resources Support/Connections
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