Ethereal Healing Retreat

A Cosmic Awakening


September 24, 25 & 26, 2021

Bishop | California


The Retreat

Expand your realities as we welcome the bridge to 2022 with intention, inspiration, and integration to higher aspects of self.  Join Laura, Viviane & Robert as they share how to enhance your soul’s health & wellbeing as we all move forward in these trying times.

This intimate retreat will offer you tools on how to connect to your Soul Tribe, enabling you to have a higher connection to the Divine and higher realms.

During this intimate weekend retreat you will discover how to open and align your soul to your divine nature and sacred destiny to restore your original Divine Soul Blueprint and heal fragmentation for light-body ascension.

This intimate event only has limited space for 30 participants to foster deep connections within the higher self, the other guests & the incredible energy of Bishop, California.

Join Us!

The Facilitators

Laura Van Tyne

Remote Viewer, Speaker & Author

Laura specializes in Crossing Over, Parasitic Implant Removal/Etheric Medicine, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Milab Recovery through Regression Therapy, and Soul Retrieval.

This year Laura’s focus has been the spiritual war and barriers that limit someone from accessing their true potential and experience.

She offers solutions for etheric protection focusing on specific tools and modalities for spiritual protection and raising your frequency to optimize your spiritual health.

For more information on Laura, visit:

Viviane Chauvet

Arcturian Healer, Speaker & Author

Originally from Canada, Viviane Chauvet is internationally recognized for her inspirational life journey as an advanced Arcturian hybrid.

Viviane’s healing practice and teachings inspire star seeds and lightworkers to live in Universal Oneness as sovereign Divine Essence of Light. She is a multidimensional frequency healer, galactic ambassador, trans voice channel, and Arcturus high priestess.

Viviane has worked as a hybrid consultant on j3FILM award-winning second documentary “Extraordinary: The Seeding” and will be featured in their third one.

Today, she is the producer and co-host of The Infinite Star Connections podcast.

For more information on Viviane, visit:

Robert Novak

Inspirational Teacher, Speaker & Author

Robert is an inspiring teacher, speaker, and author. Robert’s most profound work is opening and aligning a person more to their divine nature and their sacred destiny. He has the unique ability to pinpoint the answer that energetically, emotionally, and spiritually moves a limiting factor improving and progressing one’s life, one that can bring forth resolution to many symptomatic life struggles.

Robert is also consistently enhancing others with his personalized inspirational 1-2 minute messages upon request.

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The Event Space

Destination Masterminds

A World Class Venue in Bishop, California

An 1,800-square foot event space in the heart of the majestic Eastern Sierras, Destination Masterminds is the ideal space to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your higher self & nature.  We have created a beautiful, intimate space for you to immerse yourself with other like-minded individuals on your path through this spiritual experience.

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The Event Cost

Ethereal Healing Retreat

Event Cost: $1,499

Cost for this retreat include:

  • 3-Day intimate Ethereal Healing Retreat beginning on Friday Afternoon & ending on Sunday evening
  • Activities Include:
    • Meditative Journeys
    • Powerful Activations
    • Energetic Downloads
  • Meals Included:
    • Friday Dinner
    • Saturday Lunch & Dinner
    • Sunday Lunch & Dinner
  • Lodging not included
    • Click HERE  for lodging resources