A World-Class Venue

Immerse fully in your next workshop, event, occasion or gathering.

Meetings & Events

With over 1800 square feet and four rooms to work with, there is plenty of space for your group to connect and create.

To deliver out of the box thinking, sometimes you need to be in an out-of-the-way location.  There are few regions in the world that can match the beauty and energy of the Eastern Sierra. At Destination MasterMinds, we provide an inspiring space away from distractions where your group can immerse themselves fully in your next workshop, mastermind, conference or gathering.

Event Area

This is the center. Where the magic happens. The main flexible indoor meeting space flows with comfortable chairs, individual desks, and features floor-to-ceiling windows, accommodating up to 30 guests. This space dominates the view of the Bishop skyline and caters well to small groups, allowing space for breakout and group sessions.

The Creative Space

Imagine your future in color. Experience arranging thoughts in a different mindset. Challenge yourself to discover a new tone, a different pattern, or perhaps a transparency that you hadn’t considered. This is not only a place to play, but a place to develop a new sense. Give yourself the ability to allow yourself to step out of perfection and into something messy, something fun, and see your goal through a new prism.

Podcast/Green Screen Area

The power of voice.  That divine energy that is within each one of us make sharing your knowledge effortless. This is your chance to connect on a larger level.

Meditation/Quiet Room

Develop a new pathway through isolating patterns and teaching the benefits of releasing tensions through space and breath.  Allow yourself to be the student and grant access to new exploration in a stress-free environment. Breathe in the light from the deepest valley and shift from the inside out.

The Office

Basic office supplies for on-site needs, including space for your computer, printer, also a great area for meeting individually with clients for additional sessions/work/discussion – privacy is the key here.

Audio/Video Hookups

Fast! Wired and Wireless internet access
42″ TV with audio/video hookup
Surround sound throughout the space

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The Destination

You’ll want to stop the car for this place.  Unwind. Take it in. Start your reflection from Bishop, California.

The Space

Fastidiously well-organized with a view that won’t stop, this space allows for the ability to see clearly.

The Connection

Disrupt the routine, and step into a feeling. Pivot. Then start to create. This is where the journey begins. Connect with Us.