Disconnect To Connect

Welcome to Bishop, California

Your gateway to the Sierra, this is a place that breathes outside the box. Think here. Expand here.

Our intentionally designed spaces empower your attendees to unplug and focus on your event. Spaces include a creative room, mediation/quiet areas, audio/video hookups, a podcast/multi-media room, and multiple break-out areas to cultivate connection & creation within small groups.


Intentionally created to inspire connection, creativity & expansion. Our space is an interactive space made to foster beautiful experiences. It is not just an event, it’s an experience here.

From the comfortable chairs to the massive view of the Eastern Sierras, your guests will be amazed by the detail & care that is here for you to step into and create your impact for them.

And that’s just the inside of the building.

Once you step outside, you will be in awe of the beauty that surrounds you 360-degrees.

We invite you to connect with the healing energy of the land.

Come early or stay late, the choice is yours! You may never want to leave!

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Current Offerings

Quantum Coaching

How do you live in this present life experience in high vibrational 5-D while working through the low vibrational 3-D?

With Dawn Briggs

Now is the time to awaken!

Identify your programs & blocks so that you can choose the experience the life you were meant to have.

One-hour sessions are $150

Quantum Coaching

MAP Program

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Are YOU interested in raising your Frequency?

Check out the quantum technology that we use in our work and processes with the Healy.

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